Our belief in customer’s success as our success has propelled our growth and helped us build a collegial relationship with our clientele across the globe. B-On focuses on helping businesses accomplish more. We provide cost-effective, efficient solutions for all your business technology needs. We are specialized in Cloud-based Business Intelligence, Advanced IoT Data Analytics model, IoT Data Mining Model and Data warehouse optimization applicable to all industries. We see ourselves helping our customers to accelerate the growth of their businesses through the application of innovative technology. Time to value for Intelligence and analytical initiatives and improved agility stand out as the most important technical drivers. Cloud-based Business Intelligence tools, IoT data analytics and IoT Data Mining Model are minimized hardware and infrastructure cost, reduced implementation cost, and reduced administrative cost.

b-On Solutions

IOT- Business Intelligence

B-On Business Analytics

✔Gathering data and organizing it through reporting

✔Turning it into meaningful information through analysis

✔Making actionable decisions aimed at fulfilling a strategic goal

We develop custom web based enterprise Business Intelligence (BI) software that are vital in understanding critical business process and business performance data. This helps your business succeed in global competition through increased productivity, elimination of waste, enhanced marketing efforts and business processes optimization, leading to more informed strategic decision-making.

We provide you with fully functional BI solutions having all the tools you need to access, join and analyze multiple data sources of any size, along with powerful data visualization and reporting tools, and sharing capabilities.

There are three planes to Business Intelligence (BI); they are Strategic BI, Analytical BI, and Operational BI. Companies that utilize all three planes of the BI tools and techniques are using them to drive efficiency and effectiveness across the entire enterprise.

We can help you achieve optimal implementation, assist with integration, and make sure you get the most value from our systematic BI Tools. We offer interactive, intensive, and content-rich online sessions at your convenience which enable managers, analysts, and practitioners to embrace our solutions on every aspect of BI tools design and delivery.

Over the years, B-On has helped organizations across the globe develop successful Business Intelligence (BI) web and mobile based applications / platforms based on the requirements provided by the clients and applying the latest technologies. We look forward to working with you and helping you implement the right, cost-effective, business intelligence (BI) solution for your organization.

Our BI solutions collate and analyse operational, financial and transactional data, and organize your business information into simple, actionable, interactive reports and dashboards. Please check the following major benefits of our tools:

✔Quickly identify and respond to business trends.

✔Visual dashboards.

✔Improve efficiency & discover your true operational costs.

✔Easily create In-depth financial, operations, customer, and vendor reports.

✔Improve your overall data management.

✔Consolidate data from multiple sources, divisions, and databases.

✔Efficiently view, manipulate, analyze, and distribute reports.

✔Minimize manual and repetitive work.

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B-On Big Data Analytics

Our solutions would answer the following questions in a smart way.

✔What is IoT?

✔What is the business value of the data generated by the IoT?

✔What do we need to do to realize that value?

The Internet of Things refers to devices other than computers that are connected to the Internet and can send and receive data. The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly emerging as a very significant medium of transformation since it works well with the physical and digital worlds. Nowadays the IoT, using new data analytic approaches, allows organizations to collect and analyze data from sensors on manufacturing equipment, pipelines, weather stations, smart meters, delivery trucks and other types of machinery.

The straight forward idea behind IoT is that sensors and microchips can be placed anywhere and everywhere to create a collective network that connects devices and generates data. Instead of that data sitting in an information chamber, either idle or accessible to only a few specialists, it becomes part of data analytics where it can be analyzed in the context of other information to provide value to the business, enhancing swift decision making.

To perform the data analytics we recommend our well developed “SOCA”, a fine tuned tool currently being using by many MNCs across the globe. This platform was developed after years of research, including advice from various research institutes. This web based platform has easy to use, quick, tools, dash boards and applications for analytics, data mining, forecasting and data optimization. Of course, by applying our web based tools you can pull powerful insights from the stack. Collectively these processes are separate but highly integrated functions of high-performance analytics. The said platform can be easily customizable based on clients business needs.

Our solutions provide you with a detailed vision of how to easily extract, prepare and blend your data. In a precise note our solutions cover the following:

You get an answer for "What is likely to happen in the future?" This is used to analyze historical data, and forecast what might happen in the future. Our solutions help you identify business operational risks and anticipate future opportunities based on performing analytics on data from transactional databases and real-time data. There are many different kinds of databases, include MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle, DB2, SQL, MySQL, and a host of others.

It is the combination of the above two to provide answers to “Now what should we do?” These systems use optimization and simulation algorithms to generate advice on possible outcomes and answer: “What should we do?” Our solutions for prescriptive analytics optimize decision-making to show companies what actions to take to maximize profitable growth, given their business constraints.

The analytics use data aggregation and data mining techniques to provide insight into the past and answer: “What has happened in the business?” Our solutions analyze your business KPIs that help understand your business at a mass level and evaluate the operational processes.

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IOT - Data Mining

B-On Data Mining

Data Mining is the process of identifying patterns in large data sets. Along with the transition to an app-based world especially the IoT enabled web based platforms comprising a set of processes and methods to extract useful information from the data warehouse and transform it into understandable and usable form. The Internet of Things (IoT) will dramatically change our life in the foreseeable future, by making many "impossible" things possible. For end users the massive data generated or captured by IoT contain highly useful information.

B-On has rich expertise in building IoT platforms for collect and compute data; generally the following four data mining models apply to the Internet of Things (IoT).

✔Multi-layer data mining model

✔Distributed data mining model

✔Grid based data mining model

Among them, Multi-layer data mining model includes four layers: (1) data collection layer, (2) data management layer, (3) event processing layer, and (4) data mining service layer. Distributed data mining model can solve problems from depositing data at different sites. Grid based data mining model allows Grid framework to realize the functions of data mining.

The Multi-layer data mining model for IoT is divided into four layers: data collection layer, data management layer, event processing layer and data mining service layer. Among them, the data collection layer adopts devices, e.g. RFID Reader and sinks etc., to collect various smart object’s data, which are RFID stream data, GPS data, satellite data, positional data and sensor data etc.

Different types of data require different data collection strategies. In the process of data collection, a series of problems, e.g., energy-efficiency, misreading, repeated reading, fault tolerance, data filtering and communications etc., should be well solved. The Data management layer applies centralized or distributed database or data warehouse techniques to manage collected data. After object identification, data abstraction and compression, various data are saved in the corresponding database or data warehouse. Take RFID data as an example, the raw format of RFID data stream is (EPC, location, time), where EPC marks smart object’s ID.

Comparing with the common data, data in IoT has its own characteristics. For example, the data in IoT is always mass, distributed, time-related and position-related. At the same time, the data sources of IoT are heterogeneous, and the resources of nodes are limited. We can pre-process the raw data in the distributed nodes, and then send the necessary data to the receiver. The distributed data mining model for IoT is not only able to solve the problems brought by distributed storage of nodes, but also decompose the complex problems into simple ones. Thus the requirement of high performance, high storage capacity and computing power is reduced.

Grid computing is able to implement heterogeneous, large scale and high performance applications. Just like IoT, Grid computing is receiving increased attention both from industry and the research community. The basic idea of Grid is that users can make use of the computation resources of Grid as the same as power resources. Various computing resources, data resources and devices resources can be accessed or used conveniently. The basic idea of IoT is to connect various smart objects via internet. Thus smart objects become intelligent, context-aware, and long-range operable.

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B-On Data Security

In recent years the internet of things (IoT) has been a focus of IT. Security and privacy are the key issues for IoT applications, and still face some huge challenges. In order to facilitate this emerging domain, B-On started paying attention to IoT data security. More broadly, IoT refers to the vision of a world where sensors, intelligence and connectivity are embedded into systems. As we become increasingly reliant on intelligent, interconnected devices in every aspect of our lives, how do we protect potentially billions of them from intrusion and interference that could compromise personal privacy or threaten public safety?

Our services range from high-level tasks such as security architecture and analysis, assessment and testing, as well as security technology implementation. Our data protection solutions integrate with your existing security infrastructure, enabling you to reduce costs while protecting sensitive data and achieving compliance objectives. We can help you to build a bridge between business and IT security and to implement security related regulations, secure points and frameworks across your IT environment.

B-On is focusing on delivering the current state-of-the-art IT data security controls, optimized for the new and extremely complex embedded applications driving the Internet of Things (IoT). We specialized into cloud security, access control and middleware security. Our vertical expertise spans across manufacturing, finance, Education, healthcare, Insurance, telecom and many more. Our solutions can be deployed on network shares, file servers, web servers, application servers, database servers, or other machines running Linux / windows compatible software.