Innovation, research and development – Business Process Optimization
(Business Intelligence & Analytics)

B-on "CONCEPT POINT" – Hub of brand new formula for establishing Innovative Concept with the mandate to promote convergent fundamentals of global IT & Business Process Optimization research.  These points have well experienced professionals from diverse areas of IT and LEAN & Six Sigma interacts in R&D activities to innovate new concepts to design and build value streams without any boundaries. The Concept Point would serve the B-On’s needs to develop innovative tools as well as its client’s needs to find the right tool for their operation. Our successful wide form of immediate vision is to establish one in North America, Europe, and in the Far East – preferably in or near leading IT development areas (e.g. San Francisco, London and Tokyo).

Research & Development

Our Prestigious Approach

Each Concept Point operates out our reputable Global offices, where some both IT professionals and LEAN & Six Sigma consultants will work – while others will collaborate "remotely" engage in R&D. This approach will allow the concept point to attract a global network of experts. It will also allow for flexibility in R&D focus depending on market trends and client demands.


The Concept Point helps provide The B-on Group with a "culturally and politically-neutral" reputation and presence. This will aid in the successful development of markets around the world – with fewer barriers.


The Concept Point’s R&D methodologies enable the entrepreneurs to efficiently build a startup by applying the right product fit rather than blindly trying to execute a waste of time trial package.


R&D also lead to a new type of product or service. According to the Small Business Administration, this is most common in industries such as manufacturing & computing technology.


The Concept Point will provide internal guidance to innovative and cutting-edge technologies that can be integrated into B-On's line of products and services – and potentially develop brand new innovative products.